truth contest

But in this case, how is this web site of "Truth Contest" any different from any web site presenting any other views, the views that happened to win each of the internal Truth Contests happening in the minds of their respective authors?
But of course, we're including "all religions" here, per say?
By being a better skilled truth seeker oneself, may it be in intelligence, in rational examination, in experience, in learning about many views and arguments, etc.
It is possible to technically develop rather good practices of reason.
I have a candidate Truth of this kind to offer Seriously!Invite everyone you can reach to participate in the Truth Contest.Everyone can be a judge.The majority of people are not intellectuals.While these so important issues are unrelated with metaphysics.My5: Mr Kite, moderator, master of Nonsense, wow!Actually, the practice of reason and science, is an activity for those who have the ability to.

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They are relentlessly persistent, seems there are new comments every day.
Any seers or prophets out there?
LennMcHarriStarr64 said: I have seen these comments about The Truth Contest and The Beatles as Prophets all over my uploads!
In particular, he accuses the usual practice of existing religions of being too intellectual, chimney sweep milford delaware which they are'nt.More here and there.He had all the time to either develop his site to make it finally become worth something (for example, at least by including a more diverse list of candidate views of life and/or delete whatever ridiculous claims in his site of pretending to be anything.You're deluded and need help!Arthurlee Deleted Member Posts: 0 Amadeus said: They ARE prophets but not very reliable.But more precisely, the views he defends as the "absolute truth" are exactly among the most stupid, untrue, anti-rational views that can be found.While nothing in the universe has the duty to please the miserable humans on the Earth planet, to such a point as to let anything combining the above criteria to be even possible, I incidentally happened to have discovered and expressed a really true, short.And I'm not asking for any donation to spread it!And in particular, to clarify in which way does he think his action differ from anyone else's.