tax refund fraud 2014

Its become a high turnover position in part because the agency has been beset by a number of embarrassing problems, including stolen identity tax fraud, that have led people to question its competency.
Wifredo Ferrer: That's what we've seen.
Steve Miller: We cannot stop all best paid survey company identity theft, however we are better than we were and we will get better still.
And seven days later, you'd get a check?Tax-refund fraud is expected to soar again this tax season, and hit a whopping 21 billion by 2016, from just.5 billion two years ago, according to the.Wilfredo Ferrer is the United States Attorney for the Southern Florida and George Piro is the Agent In Charge of the Miami Field Office of the FBI.And it's not an easy problem to get fixed.Steve Kroft: Credit card companies don't have that much of a problem with this.Wifredo Ferrer: We have very sophisticated and good criminals, Steve, who know how to, you know, defeat the system.Read More: Intuit halts all state e-filings on fraud concerns.Criminals who use stolen personally identifiable information to line their own pockets perpetrate a wide variety of fraudulent financial schemes, like hacking into online accounts, submitting phony insurance claims, and applying for loans and credit cards."It's a tsunami of fraud that we have been encountering.The vast number of fraudulent tax returns was something that I don't think the IRS ever really was ready for.".They will eventually be reimbursed but it can involve massive amounts of paperwork, multiple visits to the office, and months and months of waiting.

September 9, 2014By William.
Steve Kroft: Once you hit sent, how long did it take you to get a check?
How a scheme works.Steve Kroft: Now is that a Visa?If you don't allow them to use a prepaid card, they are going to have to get a check and they'll have to pay someone a lot of money to cash that check.Douglas Shulman: I discussed the issue of identity theft with the senior leaders of the IRS my first day on the job.Investigators say many victims don't realize their identity has been stolen until they learn that someone has used their Social Security numbers to file false tax returns.