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4 (The following summary of the Watkins Glen School Board meeting of Oct.
This would include memorial bench(es) by the Field House along with potted plants.
Watkins Glens cost per pupil for SWD is apple iphoto promo code 2014 2,000 below the state average.Accepted the 2017-18 school tax report.Gloria Brubaker read a thank-you card from Diana Crane for the donation of a book in memory of her grandmother.Much of the focus of the group was on the impact of state and federal funding cuts.Boyce, Claim Auditor.Myers suggested to the board that it consider changing the timing of setting Board of Education goals for the following school year; perhaps at the end of the preceding school year.Acknowledged the written response with the audit committee for the 2011-12 school year.Approved/accepted/acknowledged the following consensus items: -Approved minutes of the 7/1/13 meeting -Approved 2013-14 Substitute List -Accepted CSE/cpse recommendations -Acknowledged Budget Status Report and June Budget Transfers -Accepted Treasurers Reports -Acknowledged Warrants as approved by Sharon Clark, Claims Auditor -Approved the fundraising requests from Varsity Volleyball.District Administrators reported on end-of-year activities.Some of the changes included Office 365, new camera and Eno board replacements, and a transportation project.

The football coaches from Odessa-Montour and Watkins Glen will be setting up a meeting during the holiday break to discuss the possible combination of teams for the fall season.
Gregory Kelahan (the next superintendent) acknowledged his appreciation.
Board of Education Comments: Mrs.
Trank, he outlined various teaching approaches to ensure that our students all receive an education that is focused on their strengths and unique learning styles.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns with damage due to pilot error.Occupational Therapist Katie Mahoney -Special Education Teacher Rachelle Clark -Speech Pathologist Karlene Andrews -Teacher Aide Sheila Hess -Teaching Assistant Lindsey Starr -Sign Language Interpreter Jessica Manwaring Approved the following Coaching Appointments for Phil Watson Varsity Boys Soccer -Andrew Chouinard Varsity Girls Swimming -Michelle Simiele Varsity.The grant is also wrapping around the UPK full-day program with a strong focus on curriculum.This would give the students a great opportunity to be introduced to an authentic program, incorporating Math and Science in the stem room.Alan Hurley spoke to the board with his concerns to the budget and shared services as well as program preservation.We have received many different types of equipment for the stem Room.Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.Kim Suddaby was inducted into the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association Hall of Fame at Ithaca College on March 21, 2014.Jerry Harriger, Superintendent of Operation Maintenance reported on the project.