stamp duty exemption nsw 2015

Where an applicant was a member of national grid rebates long island 2017 the permanent forces of the Australian Defence Force and all applicants were enrolled on the NSW electoral roll, as at the commencement date of the eligible transaction, dated on or after, then all applicants are exempt from the.
First Home Buyers Assistance - no stamp duty for properties up to 650,000 and reduced stamp duty between 650,000 and 800,000.
You must have already exchanged contracts to purchase your first home or vacant land.Transfer duty is calculated with reference to the proportion of the property purchased by other parties.For Residential Home - You do not have to pay stamp duty on the purchase of a home up to 550,000.Note: From, the First Home Plus Scheme will be replaced by the First HomeNew Home Scheme.First Home Benefits application forms You can print an application form for both the First Home Owner Grant and First Home Plus, phone and ask to have an application posted, or send an email.A duty applied to the sale or transfer of land or a business.Land Transfer Fee: 209.00.Homes You do not have to pay duty on the purchase of a home up to 500,000.To qualify, the eligible purchasers must buy at least 50 of the property.Applications must be lodged within 12 months of completion or settlement of your home.

If you are not eligible for a first home owner duty exemption or concession, you can calculate the amount of duty you will be liable to pay on our transfer of land or business page.
Transfer of land or business calculator.
There is also First Home Plus concession on a home between 550,000 and 650,000 - multiply the purchase price.2474 and subtract 136,070 (or use our calculator).
Check the most popular property values for New South Wales (detailed monthly statistics via ).
We audit claims with current and historical data held by other State and Territory agencies and commercial organisations.To qualify for First Home Plus, you must meet the criteria listed below: The contract and the transfer must be for the purchase of the whole of the property.To calculate the First Home Plus concession on a home between 500,000 and 600,000, multiply the purchase price.2249 and subtract 112,450.View more news, new mobile friendly service.The new scheme will only apply to first home owners who purchase or build a new home valued at up to 650,000.For more information check Duties Act 1997 or visit or call New South Wales Office of State Revenue: NSW Office of State Revenue www: P: Stamp Duty NSW - Rates Below is the table of NSW Stamp Duty rates for an Owner Occupied or Investment.A duty concession on new and existing homes valued between 650,000 and 800,000, and vacant land between 350,000 and 450,000.