raffle ticket numbering publisher

Repeat step 14 once for each ticket on the sheet.
To get started with a blank template, simply determine the number of rows and columns you want page page.
Click where you need the raffle ticket number to appear, then click "F1" in the left hand panel: Repeat for the stub, to print pioneer press daily deals the ticket number there also: Now, down the bottom of the lefthand panel, click "Next: Create merged publications Then, click "Print.
Select the Page Design tab.
Now you are ready to begin inserting your data.Let's say we want each ticket to have a unique number and an inspiration".In the Mail Merge Dialog, you should select Letters if it is not already selected.We need to create a spreadsheet (table) with all the ticket numbers and their matching"s.It works rather like the "table" creator on Word.Just print this document as you would normally do and you're done comments powered by Disqus.When you open the document, you will see the raffle ticket layout.

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You can enable it by going to Tools Letters and Mailings Show Mail Merge Toolbar (displayed in step 3 of this document).
You'll be able to enter anything in here plus the data fields we created in the Excel document previously.
An awesome new feature to has been introduced to Microsoft Publisher 2010 is the ability to use Data Sources to create "Catalogue Pages".
Update: I did figure it out.
Now, I recommend copy pasting your first ticket into the other 4 raffle ticket spots.Then, click on Insert Merge Fields.Save this Excel spreadsheet.Try this online tool to design and print your own raffle tickets without battling with Excel and Publisher!Now, in the Mail Merge Dialog, you should select Use the current document if it is not already selected.This area is duplicated automatically 8 times per page (because my example is 2x4)!