mavis discount tire customer service

Got done at 4:37 - Tires free online contests to win prizes in india never got rotated, pressure on new tires as low.
2, 2017, the tire store I was using was sold to another chain.
They should also do inspections but theyre not doing New York State inspections and that opens them up to losing loyal customers because now someones going to go to another auto repair place to have them look at their car.
Brought my vehicle in for discount suits houston brakes and wheel bearing replacement.
While I stood there waiting for them to come talk to me as to what was taking so long, I heard them making rude.0 comments, united States, New York, Milton.The guys there were courteous and always willing to help.The manager call me back a few hours later and said that if I had the tires there by 8:00am that they would get the car right.I was told it would take 45 minutes.

Also, when they did an oil change for me and they felt I waited too long, they gave it to me for free.
Sinai immediately stated I need an alignment (He may have been hinting at that being the reason.
0 comments United States, Indiana, Morgantown Car Service Centers Mavis Discount Tire / service unacceptable Km Kmd27 on Sep 10, 2017 On 9/10/17 I went to the Mavis discount tire store (8066 Brewerton Rd, Cicero, NY 13039) to have a tps sensor replaced which they.Whem fixing the axle(for free) they broke the ABS w rack room shoes promo code 2016 after telling me to bring the car in again today, after all day they call and say to pick it up, they didn't have time to look.I made an appointment for 9:30 in the morning and they even called me to confirm I would be there.JCsar on Dec 13, 2017, had original appointment set for 10:30am.However, many companies do monitor reviews on our site.I called ahead and the attendant said to bring the car.And every time I've been there, even if I dont have a coupon, they always tell me that theres a coupon for the service that I just got done and they apply the coupon to the service.