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Liebmans Kosher Delicatessen, back when Joseph Liebman first opened this Riverdale, Bronx deli in 1953, it was one of nearly 100 Jewish delicatessens in the borough.
The whole story is kind of funny, but was also a bit mortifying because without a mashgiach I dw fitness club promotional code would have had a lot of people walk-out.
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Circa lots of dairy options: pizza, salad and pastas.She could not believe I am not Jewish.( Menu ) Kosher Deluxe fast food, Kosher option.I have had people complain about seeing too much skin here and there, which is understandable and we continuously educated our servers on the propriety of their clothing.Half an overstuffed sandwich, served on soft, tangy rye or wheat, is thicker than War and Peace, and the beef, warm 106 9 contest phone number turkey and veggie burgers are bursting out of their buns.The Prime Grill a large, fancy, expensive, restaurant with both indoor outdoor seating (weather permitting with delicious appetizers steaks.I helped implement many changes over the years and honestly I believe that Talias has grown to be one of the better kosher restaurants in the city.Also most of the waitstaff was not Jewish so they were not always dressed in the most proper way.I think what got to her was when a waiter came to me wanting to talk about a special request and I just said: No, the answer to everything today is no!Most things are as good as ever: Schmaltz-laden chopped liver is whipped to a mousselike consistency, and the deli meats, including juicy pastrami and corned beef, skillfully straddle the line between fatty give away toy poodle and lean.(For those of you counting, there are over 30 Kosher places in Midtown Manhattan.

Menu dunkin Donuts a kosher branch of the DD chain, across the street from the YU-Stern College dorms.
Counter service (up front) waiter service (in back) available.
Sushi is subpar, rest of the menu is decent.
Menu madras Mahal a combo waiter / buffet vegetarian Indian restaurant.Jerusalem Cafe formerly Jerusalem 2 pizza, moved to a new smaller (but nicer) location 2 blocks away.As Hillel the Elder asked, If I am not for myself, who will be for me?Great American Health Bar diverse dairy vegetarian menu with large portions and specialty smoothies.Can I help it that I am curious so I read the Passover guide provided by the OU and remembered most of it?