inverted chimney sweep urban dictionary

Chick : I gotta take a dump.
John - "Ok, jane, it's time for the Chimney Sweeper!".
And your orgasm will be as glorious as a fine winters day in Milwaukee.
April 04, 2009, chimney Sweeper unknown, the sexual staysure promotional code act of vaping in a female's cock sock, and proceeding to fuck it immediately after, resulting in clouds coming out of her shoes com coupon code june 2015 pussy, looking like you are sweeping a chimney with your cock.john - "Bend over and I'll show you.".#russian chimney sweep #chimney #anal sex #poop #shit by, chicko123, february 20, 2009.Then I'll hover over your puckered poo packer and plunge both of my not-so-recently shaven jizz tanks past the event horizon of your turd socket.Top definition, chimney Sweeper unknown, to force-feed ones hairy ball sack into the vertically positioned and open sweepstakes reader's digest bung-tunnel of a friend or foe.It is called the Russian Chimney Sweep, because it's origin is in Russia, and the asswhole is being cleaned out, like a chimney.John - yes, jane, yes, i am" #the dick vandyke #bottle brush #desert storm #mary poppinstuffer #spoonful of ball sugar #taint toucher.0 #cousin larry appleton #vacaville handshake #stuffed scrotum sack in anus joke #4 by, extra Normal.This will cause her to cough, and her rectum will contract and open violently.Quit playing games and tell.".Jane - "What's that?John - sorry, jane, you're right." Bro, did you hear what Todd did last night?" "Yeah bro, I heard he became a chimney sweeper with linda!" #vape #sex #chimney #cock sock by hugh jboner February 26, 2017.

Fml." "doesn't matter had sex" chorus" I just HAD seeeeeeeex" #bro #english #chimney #sweep #sex by, swagMedaFuckOut, february 03, 2012.
Jane - "Oh dear.
Jane - "No John, really?
Top definition, chimney Sweeping sex, when a heavy smoker deep throats a penis, and afterwards the penis is covered in black tar, mimicking the act of cleaning a chimney.
dude how come you couldn't hang out last night?" "Man I've been gettin the poop dick from my girlfriend every time we do anal, so I had to stay at the house and give her a good chimney sweeping." "Oh, sweet." by generalneedles, january.You a bad muh fucka" "she broke up with.Guy: I want to have anal sex.Top definition, the Russian Chimney Sweep sex, the Russian Chimney Sweep is the act of the female taking a dump, while her partner is performing anal sex.Chimney Sweep unknown the act of pleasuring your significant other and cleaning their colon at the same time.The Chimney Sweeper is where you take off your sweatpants, lay on your back, then roll your knees back until they touch your shoulders.This way your butt hole opens up and stares straight at the clouds above.Guy: Let's get cleaning.