gst rebates

The rebate isn't free money to the rite aid coupon code builder because the builder will have to remit the full GST to the federal government, minus any GST they have paid out on their costs.
However, you need to verify this with the GST authorities.) The government must assume that anyone with enough money to buy a house of this value doesn't need the rebate so you get nothing at all.
Then the buyer can apply for the 5,400.00 rebate by filling out some forms and mailing them.
Don't rely on this for anything except to serve as a warning about what could happen if you don't check things out carefully in advance.
At 450,000 there is no rebate.Generally How Rebates Work, gST is payable on the full contract price for a new residential property.It would be very difficult to write a comprehensive article that covers everything yet at the same time be simple to read.Instead, take it as a warning to check this out for yourself.The best thing to do is contact the GST office directly and ask them for a written ruling in your situation.You should seek specific legal advice regarding your circumstances from a lawyer entitled to practise law in your jurisdiction.If the property will be used as a residential rental property, it may also qualify.It is purely an accommodation for the buyer.If in doubt, ask the CRA/GST office for a written ruling.After a certain price point (350,000 in March 2014 the amount of the GST Rebate starts to go backwards and eventually diminish to zero.Your principal mobile number must be at least 10 characters long.If the buyer purchases the property and then re-sells it before anyone has lived in it, they might be obligated to charge GST on the sale again to the next buyer.

Most builders, but not all, recognize that their buyer doesn't want to front the rebate money and wait several months to get it back.
If it is a rental property or a buyer won't be living there, you may need to pay the GST up front and then apply for the rebate yourself, if you qualify.
This article is only a warning.When the price excluding GST reaches 450,000 the rebate is gone.Doing this won't put more money in the pocket of the builder.It relates to Saskatchewan, Canada and may not be applicable in your jurisdiction.Get personal help, e-mail us at, enter an email address that you use frequently.If GST rates change, this may affect you also.The buyer pays 300,000.00 9,600.00 309,600.00.