former bachelor contestant kills herself

Viewers were simply told she had quit the show.
They can blame me, but I dont blame myself at all.
We have a responsibility to hook them up with a therapist and not shoot again until theyre emotionally stable, the producer says, adding that the confessional-heavy setup of these shows can expose deeply rooted issues.
She must have had demons inside.
Share, tweet, share, email, aBC, lex McAllister, a contestant on, the Bachelor 's 14th season, died today after an apparent suicide attempt, E!Three years later, Cerniglia jumped off the George Washington Bridge.In the intervening years, and unbeknownst to the producers, Sleckman had become a mother and suffered from severe postpartum depression, and was on the antidepressant Zoloft.Allemand was soon taken to a hospital, where she remained on life support until her passing.One producer, who asked to remain anonymous for professional reasons, says that a suicide threat can derail an entire show season.Want stories like these delivered straight to your phone?You say youre scared of snakes, theyre going to take you to the zoo.Michael Nance, a competitor on Season 8 of the.According to a report from Columbus, Ohio police, they received a 911 call Saturday afternoon from someone saying McAllister had overdosed on prescription the truth contest pink floyd medication.Donna Micheletti, who was on the phone with her daughter when she attempted to kill herself.

Photos: Stars gone too soon, after Allemands death, a shattered Anderson moved back in with his parents, eating only when his mother forced him.
Says Csincsak: I guarantee you that there are other people, who are on the verge of maybe not wanting to live anymore, on the show, and they see what happened to Lex and Gia and they think, Oh, their pain is over with and gone.
All she wanted was to be loved.
Since college, I was worried about her, because she lived so much of her life for other people.
Her health later began to deteriorate and her family ultimately took her off life support.She used to tell me, I hate men.Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images."Sending prayers and love to his family and friends." "Extremely difficult learning the news of Michael Nance's passing.Jake Pavelka 's season of, the Bachelor in 2010, died on Tuesday, February 16, after a reported overdose, law enforcement sources confirm.He has since recovered, but more importantly, he is focusing his energies on being a spokesman for suicide awareness and prevention.