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People with coeliac disease may be surprised that many restaurants and shops offer gluten-free ( senza glutine ) food and the disease is generally well known.
However, petty crime can be a problem for unwary travelers.
Don't forget to buy Nutella.
Spanish, French and Portuguese are not as widely spoken but as they are similar enough to Italian that people might be able recognise some words, thus making yourself understood; note however that trying to address people in Spanish - or confusing Italian with that language.Most "black" workers can be found in small business such as cafés, pubs and small shops, or as construction workers.A pact with Germany was concluded by Mussolini in 1936, and a second in 1938.Additionally, there are substantial free online contests to win prizes in india discounts for advanced reservations which can often be lower than the reservation fee for using the pass.It is delivered to your hotel or at the airport.The moment you hand over your ticket they will tell you that you are running late, and rush you to your carriage.If you continue your subscription for a second year, the pass then includes 3D films and the food discount goes up.A particular scam is when some plainclothes police will approach you, asking to look for "drug money or ask to see your passport.

It is easier to hitchhike out of the Bronx than it is to hitchhike in Italy.
Etna on a clear day.
The Polizia di Stato (State Police) is the national police force; they wear blue shirts and grey pants and drive light-blue-painted cars with "polizia" written on the side.
On some products, such as books, IVA.But be careful: not all EU members have signed the Schengen treaty, and not all Schengen members are part of the European Union.Get your NUS card and start getting student discounts *.A yacht charter to Italy is a fulfilling way to experience the country.Get around edit By train edit Trains in Italy are generally good value, frequent but of mixed reliability.Last chance to see Thursdays Most Empire cinemas offer cut price tickets on selected movies.19 The Italian page has a link to itinerari which is not available in English.