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(This usually convinces them that they love being a teacher!) Make sure that everyone is on a committee that meets regularly and that they have real tasks and opportunities for real input in school-level decision making.
What do they do to keep up staff morale and make their schools fun places to work?
Principal Tony Pallija agrees.
In October, for example, one school held Secret Spook Week.
Celebrate the end of a busy week by arranging to have the cafeteria staff prepare a special jcpenney sweepstakes 2015 black friday continental breakfast - beverages and muffins, rolls, or coffee cake - every Friday morning.Many principals try to leave a little extra money in the budget to recognize outstanding efforts with small personal gifts such as prepaid phone cards or store gift certificates.Arrange to have music played (or piped in) during faculty meetings.Parts of the conference center where the retreat took place dated back to the time of Elizabeth I (16th century).To build a strong team, principal Phil Shaman held an "Educational Olympics" at this school one year.Each of the winners of this month's Golden Apples are responsible for passing on the award to another worthy teacher at next month's meeting.Feel free to copy and paste them for use in your own weekly memos or parent newsletters.).

Select a "Teacher of the Month." Set aside a special parking space close to the main faculty entrance that is marked with a "Reserved for the Teacher of the Month" sign.
He and the rest of his administrative team try to do lots of special things for the entire staff - from special little gifts to Cookie Day.
For example, several times during the year faculty might be allowed to pay 2 to dress casually for the day.
Part of the day.
"The material things are nice, but I have a motto that I try to live by each day: My job as principal is to make the teacher's job easier, better, so they can teach and students can learn." "Developing a positive school climate is critical.Approach the parent-school association, local business partners, Jaycees, or other groups to gather materials and labor to accomplish various fix-it projects that the Board of Education is unable to tackle.Many states and some local school districts offer reward monies for schools whose students show improvements on standardized tests.Those teachers who wanted to participate filled out a profile form that asked questions about favorite colors, foods, drinks, hobbies, and.Reporters from the television stations come to school to interview the teachers and present them with certificates."Morale is a very tentative issue.Organize a social committee to plan events just for fun.