difference between ping sweep and port scan

Nmap.org Privileged versus unprivileged Running nmap target as a privileged user launches the SYN Stealth Scan.
10.3 January 6, 2006 -All snmp related functions now can use snmp v2c in addition.
Port states travelzoo promotion code uk Nmap categorizes ports into the following states: The type of packets sent depends on the scanning technique(s) used.
Ping : this tool now does either an icmp only, UDP only or combination ping.Changes to Existing Tools -Packet Generator: speeded up send continuous mode.Open: This indicates that an application is listening for connections on this port.It also indicates that the probes are being dropped by some kind of filtering.10.55 January 22, 2008 -Database Tests - added new tool to lookup a service name or number and return the corresponding information based upon the services database.

Whois: we now check for SPF in the TXT record to eliminate any other types of text records that may appear.
Improved handling of WinPcap interfaces where both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are bound to the interface.
Example would be a large PTR record response for a single IP address.
Launcher: Added ability to launch SSH and sftp programs.
Collecting initial sequence number, firewalls and time stamps.Added checkbox to control display of splash screen in Set Preferences.IP Spoofing Detection Techniques In this process, a probe is sent to the host of suspect spoofed traffic that triggers reply and compares IP ID with suspect traffic.Nmap's community is very active, and new features are added every week.It can also be used to do ping sweeping.