cow milking contest

My legs hurt, my stomach hurt, I was out of breath, and my butt was NOT happy at bumping over all those rocks.
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Eventually I had such bad nausea that I had to get off the bike and sit on the ground.
Each player has a milking stool and a cow air check car voucher with milk (white colored water for safety) for this laugh filled hand to hand challenge.
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I kept panicking and stopping, trying to fiddle with changing the gear on the bike.
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I hopped on the bike with the following points in mind: The last time I owned a bike, I was nine years old, The last time I felt comfortable riding a bike, I was nine years old, and.Wild Cow Milking PT Crew 2010.Big Lactating Tits Milked - Huge Nipples!Bucull - Western Party Hire is introducing their newest member to our family.The final event was wild cow-milking.Anna The Miking Cow By Cezar73.Clowning Around and Celebration Authority.