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The primer is essential for a quality bond with the bodywork, and without clearcoat the color won't cure.
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With a can of aerosol (11 ounces in each you can spray a fender, helmet or a wheel, and with two you can complete a tank or a big fairing.Allow the color to cure, chase the prepared surface with the ColorRite clearcoat, and rub it all out.Did something pointy on a high shelf get too cozy with gravity and land on your bike?Due to the abnormal access request from the IP address you used, 24 raffles place #25 02a we need your help to verify that you are human.Here at m, you can also purchase the reducer necessary for use with ColorRite paints (perfectly compatible, as are all ColorRite products).Need to paint a complete motorcycle, jet-ski, quad, scooter or whatever else?It's important to remember that ColorRite spent a lot of money making sure all of our formulas are utterly compatible.A clearcoat is necessary to keep that color sealed and UV-protected, and many colors won't cure right at all without a clear over them.When you're spraying panels and parts, it's important to remember other elements necessary to do the job right: aerosol primer (mapri) and aerosol clearcoats (UCA150, KK7, or KK8).

The next step is the color pen sold here.
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Identical to your factory color, the paint pen is designed to be a portable, convenient applicator of your choice in motorcycle color (or quad, or scooter, or jet-ski).You found the right color with ColorRite, so count on us to have everything else right too.ColorRite can make it perfect.Don't forget to shop beyond the color - you'll need.Any color is available in any of our variety of sizes, ranging from touch-up pens to quarts, and anything in between!