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The Celtic name of the holiday that we now celebrate as Halloween was Samhain (pronounced sow-in).
Encourage guests to bring Halloween food and drinks.
Halloween Games Presented By, escapade, when organizing a Halloween party.
If the theme is Middle Ages, do not think about knight or princess costumes ham radio contest stations only The knights will need a monster to kill and the princesses a frog to kiss Make sure you order your costume well in advance of your event.
Aside from the usual witches and vampire outfits that can be found at all the major supermarkets, there's peeps contest dc also a great range adult costumes.If anyone becomes separated from your group they should return immediately to the safe spot where you will be able to meet up with them.First and foremost what you need to do is to set the holiday mood: Decorate your home and yard and use the colours of the season: orange, yellow, green, and brown to add a special ambience to the event.However this name varied depending on regions - In Wales the name of the holiday was Hollantide, in Cornwall it was known as Allantide; and in Brittany it was called Kala-Goanv.Did You Know - That the Pope helped create Halloween?The Celt's wore costumes to disguise and protect themselves from spirits visiting from from the netherworld, and if you feel that you may have done something to befall a ghost, perhaps it is best advised that you do the same!The Ancient Celts believed that the gate between the worlds of the living and the dead was opened on the eve of New Years.2000 years ago in the United Kingdom (which didn't exist) people did things a little differently come New Years, which was celebrated on November 1st. .Did you know - That Halloween is older than Christmas?Stingy Jack was forced to walk the eternal darkness of the netherworld with only a hallowed out Turnip filled with an ember from hell.

If you want to have the perfect Halloween you need to prepare well in advance.
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These traditions were also combined with those of the Native American Indians who contributed to the way that the season is celebrated to this day.Did You Know - The most popular Halloween Tradition was Bonfires?The only problem with this was that some of these ghosts were not too pleasant!The eve of All Souls day was known as Hallow Mas, which as the years progressed transformed into the Halloween that we know today.Missguided, PrettyLittleThing and, aSOS offer fashion-led costumes that won't break the bank.Be safe: Halloween is a joyous and frivolous time so please be safe, don't drink and drive and don't assume that just because you are wearing a superman costume that you can fly!They will enjoy it!If you love Halloween then you will love.When attending a Halloween party.