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T-Mobile account that is NOT past due or delinquent.
Below is a how i learned to sweep by julia alvarez analysis guide on how to become part of the T-Mobile Advantage Program that allows you to get savings on your personal monthly bill through this corporate discount program.
Go ahead printable coupon for home depot 2015 and fill out and email the forms.A family man with three kids, he somehow manages to balance his work duties with family life and a runaway Twitter addiction.After some paperwork hoop jumping, I finally received a 10 discount.Like I say, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.It says you can use the reward card to purchase accessories, or even apply it to the purchase of your next device.It says eligible customers who purchase a device in store may enroll in the new Advantage Program up to 30 days after activation. .But, if any of you can help out with details to get this crystal clear, or can provide any documentation on this to help us all understand it better, please hit me up on Twitter ( @TiP_Cam ) or send me an email.If you have the info, great.

Internal documentation and customer emails would suggest these plans have been incoming, very quietly, for the past couple of months.
For any further questions call.
Anyone who signed up before February 3rd will get to keep their monthly discount, and it will apply to any lines added to that account going forward.
(Except for government workers?).From this page you can download the Corporate Discount Form.I sent another e-mail asking if customers who are already on the Advantage program would be grandfathered in or not and what the reward card amount would be for my employer. .Note: to get the corporate discount, you must use the above link.About Cam Bunton, cam Bunton, Managing Editor.There are several ways to apply for the discount.T-Mobile is about to get rid of its current T-Mobile Advantage corporate discount scheme.To join/apply for the discount that is part of t he T-Mobile Advantage Program: Copy and paste the following URL into your browser or if your system allows, click the link we have provided here: m/corpdiscount.Required to apply for the corporate discount program called T-Mobile Advantage: Computer or Laptop with access to the internet.Following his contact, our own handy collection of sources confirmed that these changes would be concrete from the end of the month.