bit of blood after stretch and sweep

Couldnt wipe it away.
Ive also just started feeling a bit crampy like the pains you get when you need to have a BM so is first christmas sweepstakes this or normal or could labour be on the way?
Apparently u can lose the plug quite early and it not effect anything, but if u have a show baby is only a few days away or sooner.
Hannah Started losing it 396 weeks and kept losing it until waters broke at 5pm on 401, he was born at 4am on 402.She lives in Michigan with her husband and four young children, and is the author of the book Tiny Blue Lines.It's part (or all) of the mucus plug mixing with a small amount of blood from your cervix's blood vessels.Simone, community question: Im wondering how long after losing my mucus plug will labour start.Went for inducement at 42 weeks and ended up having emerg.Aimee Same day early morning plug lost, late night delivery.If this is the case, you might not even notice.As a means of social induction.g.

To help to ripen the cervix so it can start to dilate and efface (thin out).
Jane Lost my mine 1 hr before my DS was born.
I went about 3 weeks after losing my plug and even then I had to be induced!
Bec Both my pregnancies I went into labour 24 hours after losing my plug.
Lisa I lost mine at 39weeks n had my son 12 hours later.But when you're grasping for any hope to keep going at the end of pregnancy, it's helpful to know that the bloody show is a sign that things are moving along.By, baby Hints Tips on September 13, 2013, labour and Birth, bloody show, Delivery room, Early labour, Labour and birth, Mucous plug, Start of labour.Carla The next day I went into labour!This is sometimes enough to initiate labour without any need for any other induction methods.After that, we can all get back to our normal, non-bodily fluids obsessed, selves.Generally this procedure is considered a completely safe and effective way of stimulating contractions in early labour.This helps with squeezing out excess amniotic fluid in and around their lungs.Again, this is because the cervix bleeds easily.The midwife or obstetrician will explain the procedure and gain your consent.